Coronavirus Notice

The safety and wellbeing of my customers, their families and mine is paramount during this worrying time.

Caring for my 90yr old mother-in-law makes us as a family very aware of her vulnerablity and that of so many others. While we are not currently in isolation, we are practising social distancing and adhering to guidance on safe hygeine and sanitising routines as advised by HSE and WHO. We will isolate as soon as any of us feels unwell or are so advised by health professionals.

I am still keeping busy with your orders and would like to reassure you that all precautions are taken and my work area is cleaned and sanitised very regularly in addition to between every order. Your job will be the only one open and worked on at any given time and no contact with parcels or clothing belonging to anyone else will be made. The work area and my hands are cleaned between each order being handled and worked with. It has not been proven how long the virus can survive on fabric or packaging but reports suggest no more than a few hours on paper or cardboard and 12-24 on harder surfaces. Parcels arriving here will not be opened for at least 24-48 hours after arrival and as tempting as it may be 🙂 I recommend that after delivery of your order you leave your parcel in a safe place, wash your hands and not touch it again for 24-48hrs.

The usual postal service takes at least 24hrs but be aware that other people will have contact with your parcels during the delivery process.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and each other.

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