Hi Anne Just been to collect Scarlett bear from the post office as we've been away. She is absolutely gorgeous. Just perfect in every way. Scarlett adores her! So do I! Thanks so much. Memories from the clothes of when she was little will be with us forever now. Thanks Jenny
Morning Anne, Millie's bear arrived this morning. It is stunning thank you so very much!

Look who arrived today! Thank you Anne, they are beautiful!

Susan's memory bear

Hi Anne,

It's here!!!!
I'm speechless, I can not thank you enough for our wonderful bear. It's gorgeous! I can not believe how amazing it has come out, I just need our little baby here now to look after him. Thank you so much for making him. I can't wait to show everyone!

Thank you for your amazing work, as some may moan about the wait Id defo be happy to wait years if this is the outcome!

Thank you sooooooo much!

Love Susie

rebecca's keepsake quilt

It's arrived and we absolute adore it! Finn is currently lying on The floor, pretending to be asleep with it over him, whilst Henry is crying his eyes out that he doesn't have a new one! Xx

Terri's memory bear

Hello Anne

My bears have just arrived. They are GORGEOUS!!! I am absolutely over the moon with them!!! Thank you so so so much. Had my colleagues admiring them too. Stunning and absolutely worth the wait and every penny! x

angela's keepsake bear

Hi Anne,
Our bear arrived safely today. Thank you, Thank you! Its absolutely perfect, better than we could have imagined. It was emotional to see the sleepsuits again but they represent some very special times with our baby girl. Its just the most beautiful wonderful keepsake. It will be treasured forever.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
Thank you again.
Angela x

Hi Anne, He's arrived & his beautiful thankyou so much! He really is wonderful! Many thanks again, Jenny x
nina's memory bear
Hi I Just wanted to say the biggest thank you ever ever EVER for Anton's bear!! It brought a tear to my eye when I opened the box! You are truly a gifted lady and I'm one lucky mama to have two bears for my boys. I'm over the moon thank you again!
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