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IMPORTANT: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018. It will replace the 1998 Data Protection Act and introduce new rules on privacy notices, as well as processing and safeguarding personal data.

What is this Privacy Policy for?

This privacy policy is for this website and governs the privacy of those who choose to visit the website and use the services offered by Keepsakes by Annemade.   You have the right to know what information I have about you, how it is kept and what I do with it.

How ‘keepsakes by annemade’ uses your information.

The only information I have about you and your family is what you give me yourself.  I do not collect information from any source other than from emails or messages you send me, and from the Order Form that you fill in when placing an order. 

The information I collect is limited to what I need to facilitate that order and to keep in touch with you while you are waiting for that order to be fulfilled.

Your information – How, What, Who, Where and Why

How is your data collected?–

  • You may have done one of the following
    • Sent me an email
    • Completed the ‘Contact Us’ form on
    • Signed up for my newsletter
    • Sent me a Message from within Facebook, Pinterest or other social media platform
    • Completed the order form for a keepsake to be made

The above are the only ways that in which I can receive any of your data.

What information is being collected?

  • Following your contacting me, I only have what you give in order for me to create your keepsake or to add you to the waiting list.   I may have some or all of the following –
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Child/children’s names
    • Child/children’s dates of birth and/or weight

What is the effect of this on you?

  • As I hold your information in a secure and respectful manner, there is none really, other than my being able to keep in touch with you, make and deliver your special keepsake/s and inform you of any changes to our website, services or goods and products.
  • I will never pass on any of the information you give to third parties or send you marketing emails on behalf of anyone else. 

Who is collecting it?

  • Just me!  I am a sole trader.  No-one else.   

With whom will it be shared?

  • Nobody unnecessarily.  I deliver all functions of my business so there is no need for me to share any of your information with any third party other than the following:
    • Royal Mail or Parcel Force – In order to fulfil your commission I need to share your name and address with the above companies so they can effectively deliver your item.
    • The newsletter is produced using MailChimp and you will only receive this if you expressly signed up for it. I will not add your contact details from any other source.
  • I may share photographs of your completed keepsake on the wesite or on social media platforms.  You can opt out of this by ticking the box on the order form.

Where is it held and for how long?

  • Your information reaches me in one of the following ways and is held in the appropriate manner for me to manage the administration of my business.  In each case I only collect what you specifically give me.
    • Email – held in Outlook – password protected, deleted after 2 years of no contact
    • Contact Us – comes into email, see above
    • Sign Up – into Mailchimp listing – see link below to MailChimp privacy policy
    • Waiting list – Excel spreadsheet password protected – kept for 1 year beyond duration of waiting list
    • Brother software – enables the formatting of personalisation – held locally on password protected PC.
    • Paper based Order Form – once commission is complete, held in locked filing cabinet for maximum of 7 years with accounting paperwork in accordance with HMRC requirements.

Why is it being collected?

  • The minimum information is collected in order to deliver the service you have requested, whether that is a casual enquiry, the commission of your own unique keepsake or a regular newsletter.

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If you do not want further contact with me please simply email me and I will take you off my mailing and waiting list, or hit that unsubscribe link in the newsletter.


Copyright – Anne Yeung May2018

This privacy policy is the intellectual property of Anne Yeung and should not be copied in full or part

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